Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweets Without the Calories: Candy Lip Balms

At times, an overwhelming obsession with all things candy can result in a hazardously high caloric intake. It's not like I'm starting a diet, but for those times when my pants begin to feel somewhat tight around the midriff, I break out my growing collection of candy flavored lip balms. Lip Smacker was so smart to pair with all the candy companies on this amazing variety of flavors. Thank you to Dan and Tara for finding a good number of these goodies. One thing I'll state: chocolate as a lip balm flavor is kind of gross; peanut butter is also a little unnerving to smell throughout the day wafting from one's lips up to the nose. Weird. That said, maple is the most ingenious lip balm flavoring ever and I hope that Lip Smacker branches into a bunch of maple-based varieties.

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