Monday, January 17, 2011

Jelly- Filled Marshmallow Candies

Visiting the Aji Ichiban store in Chinatown is always so exciting and I leave with a bag filled with colorful individually wrapped candy treats that are impossible to identify due to the language barrier. It's a two-fold guessing-game diving into the bag, unsure of the intended flavor or texture or thematic candy enticement. There are a number of such candy treats that will soon be up on the blog that I simply can't identify, all from Aji Ichiban. If any readers can help translate, I'd be thrilled. These two tiny marshmallow treats from an unknown Japanese candy maker are respectively filled with Blueberry and Orange Jelly. Not a big hit with my tastebuds: I liked the vaguely tart, vaguely liquidy jelly fillings but the marshmallow shells were so flavorless and so spongy so as to detract from more pleasing center flavors. There are too many evocative varieties of candy to try at Aji Ichiban- I'm skipping these next time.

Score: 2

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  1. It's not Japanese product. It is made in China. Japanese word on the package is also incorrect. Anyway, on orange package, "orange marshmallow" and on blue package, "bluberry marshmallow.