Monday, January 17, 2011

Christopher's Big Cherry

Christopher's Big Cherry, made by Adams & Brooks in Los Angeles, have apparently been around since the 1940s. I've seen these sweet old-timey pink wrappers around for years and, as a big fan of chocolate covered cherries, thought this might be right up my alley. Recently, intrepid candy detectives Ben and Will discovered the recently-elusive Big Cherry right here in Brooklyn and brought me a sample. I was super pleased. However, the dense and glutinous bonbon was not what I expected. Yes, there's a whole candied cherry in the center, but its flavor is dominated by this extremely waxy chocolate-like substance that even the wholesome chopped peanuts can't save. Sugar, rather than cherry, defines the dominant flavor of the cherry creme filling and the whole thing became this insurmountable lump of too-sweet, vaguely fruity, very sticky denseness. This Big Cherry screamed "Sugar!!!" instead of introducing any nuanced flavor to its golf-ball sized form. I liked trying it but had hoped for something more.

Score: 2

1 comment:

  1. I would also prefer to taste cherry flavor over sugar. Agree!