Monday, January 17, 2011

Chase's Cherry Mash

In comparison with Christopher's Big Cherry, I loved Chases' Cherry Mash, an "American favorite since 1918." Ok, maybe I'm swayed by the independent candy company's pride in its product and dedication to longevity (click here to peruse the history of the Chase Candy Company and Cherry Mash). Maybe I'm also swayed by the classic wrapper design. All of this may be factored into my preference to the Cherry Mash over the Big Cherry. That said, the ingredients simply taste better. The cherry fondant tastes more of the actual (albeit candied) fruit than the sugar base. The peanuts taste fresher. The chocolate shell actually melted in one's mouth instead of remaining a cohesive waxy substance and the candy amalgam just tasted more pleasant. Thanks, Ben and Will, for finding these classic cherry treats!

Score: 3

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