Sunday, December 5, 2010

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

I loooove Junior Mints and was unbelievably and unabashedly excited to try their new Peppermint Crunch holiday flavor. Ok, it's basically the same old Junior Mint with a little red sugar adhered to the top of each candy. And I'll admit that if I were consuming these in a darkened movie theater I might just think that these were ordinary Junior Mints that had gone a little stale and crystalized a bit. And ok, the red sugar gets a little lost or muddied in the chocolate coating and doesn't present the festive sparkle that I believe Junior Mints was aiming for. That said, after about three compulsive handfuls, I realized that there's something vaguely compelling about an added crunch in the mix. Somehow it makes you want to consume mint after luscious mint until the box is empty because the crunch is evident and yet vaguely elusive. It gives you a little something to chew on. To summarize, there's not much different about these Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints from the originals, but they are delicious. And the crunch doesn't diminish that tastiness in the least. Try them! I wish I had more! Wish I could remember where I found these! Wish I had more!

Note (12/20/2010): Dan found me a big batch of these addictive Junior Mints at an uptown Duane Reade. After eating another couple boxes and sharing the treats with others, I am convinced that these sugar-topped Junior Mints are even better than the original. Others agree. But I'd like to convey the message to the candy makers that these would be even better with something even crunchier. The sugar isn't so pretty against the backdrop of chocolate so why not go for a larger crunchier bit on top? Go for it, Junior Mints!

Score: 5

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