Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jet-Puffed Holiday Mallows

These Jet-Puffed Holiday Mallows may not taste at all different than a normal Jet-Puff marshmallow but they're certainly festive. Honestly, I wish Jet-Puffed had tried to infuse some sort of holiday-related flavor into the bunch- spice? cinnamon? apple cider? eggnog? peppermint? The company has made some daring advancements in Marshmallow flavoring before, to both excellent and billious effect, and it would have been cool to try another foray into flavored marshmallow. That said, these are a nice Christmas-related treat, perfect for topping hot cocoa or festive holiday cakes. I doubt the results poured into a batch of rice krispie snacks would be particularly appealing but there are enough possibilities to make purchasing a bag worthwhile.

Score: 3

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