Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kathleen Griffin: Art from Candy

photo courtesy
Perfect, 6' rug made of shoelace licorice

photo courtesy
I'll Never Love You More Than I Do Right Now, 300 pounds of cherry candy cast on a wooden chair

photo courtesy
Candy Windows, five candy windows

I've talked about some tongue-in-cheek candy art before (most notably, the artist cake series at both SF MoMA and the Chinatown Cake Club, and photographer Dustin Wayne Harris' images of cakes reflecting his dating history), but Kathleen Griffin elevates the use of candy in her work to a higher plane. This is really stupendous, weighty stuff. I'd so love to see it in person. Check out her work, candy-based and otherwise, on her website,, and keep your eyes peeled for her next exhibition. Thanks, Robert, for introducing me to this!

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  1. I had Kathleen 3 years ago for a painting class. I never knew she did sculptures too...