Monday, October 25, 2010

Baked Bakery, Brooklyn

I'm obsessed with the edible-glitter and glamor of Top Chef Just Desserts, and within the assembled group of skilled contestants, Erik Wolitzky is by far my favorite. Amidst a bunch pastry chefs who get their knickers in a bunch about overly-precious assemblages, Wolitzky is a baker who has wowed the judges with perfect flavors over pretty packaging in every challenge. Lucky me to live in the same borough as his bakery, Baked! We recently went to sample some the establishment's delicacies- pumpkin whoopie pie, caramel apple cupcake, peanut butter chocolate rice krispie treat, and a carrot cake cupcake for good measure- and they all made me swoon. Especially the caramel apple cupcake topped with an insanely delicate yet rich frosting. Indescribable. Highly worth trekking out to Red Hook. Go now!

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