Friday, October 1, 2010

Backlog: Cadbury Flake Praline

Cadbury flake bars are divine- on their own, crumbled over ice cream, dipped in peanut butter. Shall I go on? Cadbury chocolate is perfection and with that light airy layered consistency there's no messing with the perfection of a Flake bar. Praline is delicious, too, but mixed into the Flake equation it simply equals Too Sweet. I don't really taste the nutty praline. Instead, it's just an overwhelmingly corn syrupy sweetness that was too much. Keep trying, Cadbury. There are some lovely possibilities waiting to be blended into that package of flakey chocolate goodness!

Score: 2


  1. Don't mess with the Flake I say. Only problem here is that one less store carries them and I have to depend on the World Market to get what sometimes is an old and stale candy bar. Actually not sure what you call it, candy log?
    Anyway, the praline sounds way too much even for me.

  2. As I read about this, I am glancing around to see if my ant population has increased.