Saturday, September 4, 2010

Backlog: Nestle Yorkie, It's Not For Girls!

But WHY isn't it for girls, WHY? I know we're not supposed to dig deep into the meaning of advertising campaigns and in all actuality this "No Girls Allowed" marketing is working beautifully because there was no way I could stay away from any candy that overtly excludes me from its target audience. My head was filled with visions of what surprises could be contained within a chocolate bar that might appeal to the male gender but send me running. Let me tell you the secret. The milk chocolate Yorkie contains.... more milk chocolate. Yes, it is a milk chocolate bar that is somewhat large in proportion. Perhaps for a man-size appetite? Nestle obviously hasn't witnessed my expert abilities for chocolate consumption. The chocolate was good. If you like Nestle chocolate. Which I don't love compared with Hershey's or Cadbury but also don't have anything against. Is Yorkie going to make a candy bar just for girls next? And if so, can they fill it with extra sugar and spice and a little dash of everything nice? Thanks, Will, for finding this intriguing chocolate bar!

Score (flavor): 3
Score (packaging): bewildering yet irresistible

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  1. You need to submit this one to the last page of Ms. magazine, their "No Comment" page re advertising that is demeaning to women. Feh.