Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best NYC Donuts

image courtesy of nycfoodguy.com

I may complain vociferously about the inundation of cutesie cup-cakeries burgeoning across the city, but will readily admit to my hypocrisy of supporting any and all new-comers to the doughnut field. I'm just that way. So I was pleased to find this thoughtfully compiled list of doughnut delicacies across the NYC landscape from seriouseats. Check it out: you'll soon be drooling. I maintain that the Doughnut Plant should win every category, but then I haven't tried half the offerings on the list. Next project! I'll report back! Thanks to Alex for sending me the list and thus catalyzing this new deep-fried reporting project!

Wishlist: Hostess Green Lantern Glo Balls and Flash Cakes

photo courtesy rickey purdin via comicsalliance

No explanation necessary- the image says it all and I must track these down for sampling immediately if not sooner! To read more about these new Hostess products, check out all the coverage on FilmDrunk and ComicsAlliance.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Backlog: Nestle Yorkie, It's Not For Girls!

But WHY isn't it for girls, WHY? I know we're not supposed to dig deep into the meaning of advertising campaigns and in all actuality this "No Girls Allowed" marketing is working beautifully because there was no way I could stay away from any candy that overtly excludes me from its target audience. My head was filled with visions of what surprises could be contained within a chocolate bar that might appeal to the male gender but send me running. Let me tell you the secret. The milk chocolate Yorkie contains.... more milk chocolate. Yes, it is a milk chocolate bar that is somewhat large in proportion. Perhaps for a man-size appetite? Nestle obviously hasn't witnessed my expert abilities for chocolate consumption. The chocolate was good. If you like Nestle chocolate. Which I don't love compared with Hershey's or Cadbury but also don't have anything against. Is Yorkie going to make a candy bar just for girls next? And if so, can they fill it with extra sugar and spice and a little dash of everything nice? Thanks, Will, for finding this intriguing chocolate bar!

Score (flavor): 3
Score (packaging): bewildering yet irresistible

Backlog: Meiji Gummy Sushi

Hmm, I really like the idea behind this gummy sushi, and was excited because Meiji tends to make really scrumptious sweets, but this was not good (for a good overview of Meiji's offerings, go to Candy Blog). Pretty, but an unappealing texture, consistency and flavor.

Score (visual): 4
Score (taste): 1

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Backlog: Brach's Maple Nut Goodies

These Brach's Maple Nut Goodies are such classics. Each peanut is enrobed in a layer of crunchy toffee and then an outer coating of soft maple. It's a flavor and consistency completely unique to this old-school candy and a perfect go-to in any drugstore if you're having a sugar craving. Ok, I'll admit that the maple flavor could use a little more, well, Maple, as it comes through tasting more like butterscotch frosting than anything resembling a natural maple treat, but the overall combination is still a big winner in my book! Thanks, Dan!

Score: 4

Wishlist: Kraft Jet-Puffed FunMallows

As I appear to be obsessing on marshmallows of late, I have to include the newest item to hit my wish-list: Jet-Puffed Fruit FunMallows in Orange, Strawberry, Lemon and Lime flavors! Ok, so the Strawberry flavor wasn't such a winner but I hold out hope that the citrus varieties will be more pleasing. Bring it on!

Backlog: Kraft Jet-Puffed StrawberryMallows

Hmm, due to my recent bout of marshmallow fervor I was pretty excited to try this new variety of Stawberry flavored Jet-Puffed marshmallows. The flavor was super artificial, that mellow chemical strawberry that doesn't even come close to representing the fruit. Despite the disappointing results, though, I'm so pleased that these marshmallow purveyors are branching out and experimenting with flavor- I believe that the possibilities for creative marshmallow endeavors are endless. Keep it going, Jet-Puffed!

Score: 2