Monday, August 30, 2010

Backlog: Wonka Tropical Fun Dip

I've gotten so awfully behind on candy reviews recently. Honestly, in this summer of heatwaves and moving house and all kinds of tsurris, I've certainly eaten my fill of candy but have failed to actually follow through with many write-ups. So bad. So in the interest of getting some backlog out of the way, I'm posting some super short thoughts on some recently taste-tested items. I'll return to my usual long-form reviews once I've caught up a little.

I love the classic Fun Dip and was excited for some new flavors but these three new tropical varieties were a disappointment. Ok, I just hate artificial watermelon flavor so maybe it was good if you like that sort of thing. I couldn't be objective. The mango tasted like 98% chemicals and 2% mango flavor, blech. And the strawberry was pretty tasty but one in three just isn't good enough. Keep trying, Fun Dip!

Score: 2

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