Friday, August 20, 2010

Art as Cake: Cake as Art

mondrian cake

agnes martin ice cream sandwich

build your own richard serra

photos courtesy of pam "momma" mendelsohn

Thanks to my astute mother for discovering and documenting these incredible artist-inspired cakes served in the cafe of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The museum's resident baker, Caitlin Williams Freeman, invents an ever-revolving and evolving series of gorgeous cakes, ice creams and pastries in homage to the works on view. Personally, as an art historian and a cake devotee (understatement), this seems like the most brilliant of all possible combinations. I can't wait to see what Freeman comes up with next and hope to make it to the West Coast to taste-test her newest creations soon!

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  1. I am honored to be included on the Obsesive Sweets site. Had I taste tested anything, and it was very tempting, it would have been the Agnes Martin. LOVE this concenpt of art as cake, cake as art. Bekah's mother