Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nestle Kit Kat Royal Milk Tea

Thanks be for the Japanese line of Kit Kat and all the myriad flavors they distribute. Why has this not caught on for American Kit Kats? I’m honestly not a big fan of the classic—the crisp wafers with chocolate just don’t thrill my tastebuds. But after receiving a care package from Japan brimming over with enticing and esoteric flavor options, I’ve become hooked on the candy bar line. The first flavor, and my definite favorite, is the Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat. It truly tastes like proper afternoon tea! That undertone of black tea is submerged below a more strident cream flavor, just how I like a proper cuppa. And honestly, what’s tea without a little biscuit on the side. It’s a brilliant combination of the two afternoon tea elements—beverage and cookie all rolled into one. Try to get your hands on one of these—I know they’re available for order through j-list, but am curious about whether there’s any U.S. purveyor that carries the line. Any local sightings?

Score: 4

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