Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cinnabon Lip Balm

I don’t really know if this counts for a candy blog but do figure it fits within the perview of an overwhelming sweets obsession. This little tube contains some decent lip balm that infuses your lips with the very essence of the sublime Cinnabon. Yes, it makes you instantly and constantly hungry. This stuff smells really delicious. You will find yourself seeking out baked frosted treats without knowing why. But that’s not such a bad thing. The cinnamon and butter flavors connect with your nose and instantly create a sense of homey baking comfort. This might not be up everyone’s alley—say, women who prefer the fragrance of Chanel Number 5—but I'm loving it! And though I refuse to engage in dieting practices, sometimes it’s kinda nice to indulge without taking in actual high caloric content. Thanks, Dan! You’re the best!

Shrek Ogreheads Swamp Apple Marshmallows

As candy and movies constitute two of my overriding passions, I get pretty psyched for any major candy tie-in to promote a new film. Some, like the Strawberried Peanut Butter m&m's are pretty freaking creative. Others, like the Twilight Sweethearts, disappointed- a nice idea that just didn’t pan out. These Shrek green apple marshmallows were a unique idea but taste vile. I’m drawn to the idea of toxic-green colored marshmallows but the uber-artificial cloying flavor is simply repulsive combined with the marshmallow texture. Blech. Props for ingenuity; utterly fails on the taste front.

Score: 1

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

m&m's and fashion

photo courtesy of stylerookie

Fashion and chocolate tend to blend like water and oil, but there are rare and thrilling instances when the two art forms collude to produce brilliant results. This m&m wrapper gown, courtesy of stylerookie, provides the ideal example. Thanks to Nick for passing along the link!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nestle Kit Kat Royal Milk Tea

Thanks be for the Japanese line of Kit Kat and all the myriad flavors they distribute. Why has this not caught on for American Kit Kats? I’m honestly not a big fan of the classic—the crisp wafers with chocolate just don’t thrill my tastebuds. But after receiving a care package from Japan brimming over with enticing and esoteric flavor options, I’ve become hooked on the candy bar line. The first flavor, and my definite favorite, is the Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat. It truly tastes like proper afternoon tea! That undertone of black tea is submerged below a more strident cream flavor, just how I like a proper cuppa. And honestly, what’s tea without a little biscuit on the side. It’s a brilliant combination of the two afternoon tea elements—beverage and cookie all rolled into one. Try to get your hands on one of these—I know they’re available for order through j-list, but am curious about whether there’s any U.S. purveyor that carries the line. Any local sightings?

Score: 4