Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stop the Madness: Going to the Root of the Problem

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Recently I've been advocating an end to this over-saturated cupcake market throughout New York. Listen, I love a good cupcake, but this is getting ridiculous- especially the cheap marketing ploys. Way back when, Magnolia Bakery was the epicenter of cupcake activity and visiting this tiny bakeshop to sample their nostalgic treats was a reason to trek to the West Village in and of itself. Then along came Sex and the City and that sweet bakery was ruined as a destination, replaced instead by long lines of women hoping to experience a little Carrie Bradshaw fabulosity through frosting. Now Magnolia is cashing in on its source of fame by creating the "Carrie" cupcake. Oops, they didn't even create a new cupcake. Instead they just renamed their vanilla cupcake with pink frosting after the character in hopes of pulling ahead of the rest of the local cupcake competition. Yuck. There is a call to arms against the Carrie Cupcake in today's GrubStreet blog and I could not agree more with their proposed methods of protest.

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  1. that is horrible! Booooo to the once fabulous Magnolia Bakery!!