Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Choward's Guava Candy

photo courtesy Choward's (i devoured my pack too fast to document!)

A new product from the classic candy maker, Choward's (since 1930!), is a surprise favorite! I mean, really, how much can one expect from a Life Saver's size pack of powdered tablets? But damn, these pellets dissolve into a powerful and fresh tasting puddle of guava juice in one's mouth and really packs a tasty punch! How to find more of these?? I stumbled on this pack at Economy Candy (since 1937!), purveyors of old-fashioned and hard-to-find candy treats, but I urge any and all stores that sell candy to place these at the front counter. There are sure to be hoards of rabid fans lined up for these bursts of guava deliciousness. Yum! Why isn't there more guava flavored candy out there--a trend waiting to unfold! Forget chocolate covered bacon and cupcakes--so overdone--let's support the production of Guava flavored everything!

Score: 5

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