Monday, May 17, 2010

Mysterious Tree Stump Cookies

These whimsical tree stump cookies surpass even the good burger cookies of the previous entry. Instead of coconut, the cookie element carries a strong malt flavor. And although the chocolate doesn't look particularly melty, it liquifies the moment it hits your tongue. They're delightful, well paired with a cup of tea or cocoa. I'd love to know the translation of the packaging and learn the proper name of these tiny homages to deforestation. Anyone out there who speaks Japanese, please let me know!

Update: helpful reader, xyuemoto, wrote in to let us know that the name of these sweets translates to Woodcutter's Stump Chocolate Candy. Thanks!

Score: 5


  1. Woodcutter's Stump Chocolate Candy

  2. We always call it the Official Japanese Candy of De-Forestation.

    Woodcutter's Stump Chocolate Candy is not nearly as much fun. :-)

  3. I love those things! I haven't been able to find them in the US though. NOM!