Monday, May 17, 2010

Hershey's Kisses Orange Creme

Hmm, I'm all for Hershey's branching out with new flavors in their ongoing quest to sell Kisses, but was pretty disappointed by the newest round. I'm biased, though, and don't tend to enjoy the white chocolate-based flavors so take my distaste with a grain of salt. If you're into white chocolate, these are probably sublime. Basically they taste like a creamsicle, which is a pretty tasty flavor. However, the white chocolate tastes waxy and doesn't melt very easily so you end up chewing and chewing and it never really reaches that chocolate meltation point that is really the point underlying all chocolate consumption. Meh. Thanks for finding these, Kara, in my constant quest to taste the full line of Kiss-based treats!

Score: 3

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