Monday, April 5, 2010

German McDonald's Match Neighborhood Flavor Profiles to Cupcakes. Eh.

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There's almost no sweet I love as much as a well-crafted cupcake. A miniature cake all my own with the "correct" ratio of tons of frosting to very little actual cake. But with the saturation of cupcake specialists across New York City complete, even I'm a little over all this hoopla. A few cupcake specialists would suffice. Do we really want to become The Cupcake City? To underscore my belief, German McDonald's have marketed a line of cupcake treats that associate Manhattan with the baked good. There are four cupcake flavors, each (inadequately) "matched" to the personality of a different NYC neighborhood. Check out the descriptions through grubstreet or burgerbusiness, and even if you don't read German take a gander at the homepage displaying renderings of people meant to symbolize each neighborhood's flavor. A guy from Chelsea in baggy jeans and a button down plaid shirt? Really!? Chocolate is the essence of Chelsea? Central Park is Strawberry? Coffee for the Lower East Side? I will agree that Soho is Vanilla these days...


  1. What? All young people? What about those of us on Medicare who crave cupcakes, too? Doesn't Germany McDonald's need SLM (someone like me)? And is all of Brooklyn out of the loop?

  2. Where are my London cupcakes?