Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wonka Sweetarts Bunnies Gummies: Easter Holiday Candy Roundup

Unlike the delicious Wonka Easter Sweetarts Jelly Beans, which actually deliver that unique Sweetart tangy flavor, these Sweetarts Bunnies and Gummies taste nothing like their namesake. They resemble Sour Patch Kids more than anything else, but without the same quality of flavor. Disappointing. Ok, I ate all the orange ones. Those were delicious. Otherwise, meh. Thanks, Dan, for tracking these down! Keep your eyes peeled for Wonka's new Fruit Marvels, I've been searching everywhere!

Score: 2


  1. The best gummies ever and it's a shame that I have to wait until Easter candy time to get them. Those gummies should be around all the time.