Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cadbury Mini Eggs: Easter Holiday Candy Roundup

There's no way to be objective about Cadbury Mini Eggs. They're simply perfection. Though on paper they resemble the basic components of traditional m&m's, they're so much more tempting and addictive. The Cadbury chocolate is far milkier and less sweet than in m&m's. The crispy sugar shell is also far more pleasing, not smooth and slippery but a casing one can sink their teeth into. I actually think of the sugar shell as a pleasurable component of the Mini Egg rather than a means to an end with the m&m's, i.e. getting the chocolate from the package into my mouth with no melty chocolate mess. These are simply sublime and I wish they sold them year-round. I plan to hoard a bunch so that I am not awash in a wave of regret come the day after Easter.

Score: (a resounding) 5

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