Monday, March 8, 2010

Bassetts Allsorts Red Licorice

These Bassetts Allsorts Red Licorice treats are an ideal example of those rare candies that are at once repulsive and addictive. The red licorice element is lovely. However, note the many other colors of foamy substance enveloping or surrounded by the red licorice. The consistency of this super foamy matter is unnerving. Cloyingly sweet (it takes a lot to make me say that) and even crunchy with sugar granules, I find that these fruit-flavored morsels most resemble the texture of those orange Circus Peanuts of yesteryear. And then just to up the level of strange, the bag contains exactly one gummy figure depicting a smiling pink girl. (Is this the Bassetts equivalent of the prize in the Cracker Jacks box?) Though left with many questions, I'm glad to have tasted them and will most likely avoid this particular candy assemblage in the future.

Score: 3

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