Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Necco Sweethearts Forbidden Fruits, Limited Edition Twilight Conversation Hearts

I'm not a big fan of the relatively flavorless sweethearts, although I support Necco in all their endeavors as an ex-neighbor and fan of their sweets factory. I mean, there was a store filled with seconds at my disposal and how could that not build true brand loyalty? These limited edition Twilight tie-in Forbidden Fruit Sweethearts, though, are an improvement on the original version (around since 1866!). The flavors of forbidden love in Twilight world take the form of Tempting Apple (Red), Orange Obsession (Sparkling Orange), Secret Strawberry (Pink), and Passion Fruit (Sparkling Purple). I expected more from the sparkles which resembled chalk dust more than glitter but once in awhile the light caught a sweetheart just right and it was a bit of a thrill for my valentine's candy to glimmer and glitter. The real improvement comes in that each flavor is a bit stronger than the original mellow sweethearts, there's a bit more tartness inherent to the fruits of passion, apparently. Though still vaguely unidentifiable without color-coding the candies, these more closely approximate the flavors of fruit. The passion fruit flavor is especially appealing- worth adding as a non-limited edition regular to the Necco lineup. The little inscriptions on the hearts aptly apply to the world of Twilight, "Bite Me" being my favorite by far. Good for Necco ("fine candy since 1847"!) for cashing in on Twilight fever; I hope it's profitable and prompts them to go for future fun movie tie-ins.

Score (concept): 5
Score (taste): 3

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  1. Nasty new flavors. Didn't they learn from the Coke Classic debacle. Bring back the old.