Tuesday, February 9, 2010

m&m's Premiums Chocolate Trio

It's rare for a candy to come along that changes your perception entirely of what constitutes chocolate heaven. m&m's Premiums Chocolate Trio accomplished this for me. I could not have previously imagined that any new recipe could improve on traditional m&m's format. The Peanut Butter m&m's strongly rival the original but as of yet none of the recent m&m's varieties have given the original a run for their money. You can look back on my hopeful, then disappointed reactions to the Strawberried Peanut Butter, Mint, and Coconut blends. Blech. This is entirely different, and even better, they're not limited edition! I guess m&m's knows when they've struck gold. So the first thing that strikes you upon opening the bag is these m&m's are covered with the most entrancing layer of shimmering purple coating- not that disappointing chalk dust shimmer from the Twilight Sweethearts review, but a truly shining unearthly exterior. It's wonderful and I have no idea how something that looks so inedible could taste so good. Each m&m is a little larger than an original, perhaps the size of a peanut m&m. There are three layers inside and without a hard shell (the shimmery coating is soft but somehow does not melt or dent..hmm, I choose not to be wary) they feel more like mini truffles melting in your mouth. You can literally taste each of the dark, milk, and white chocolate layers and they blend beautifully. I really couldn't stop eating these, to an alarming point. Usually will-power or common sense come into play at some point while devouring a bag of treats, but both flew right out the window when I attacked this bag. I've seen them in drugstores since but am resisting the urge to purchase as I think maybe I just can't handle these, they're that good. Thank you Kara, Mark, and Conor, for bringing these into my life. I blame and thank you in equal parts for discovering my candy achilles heel!

Score: A Resounding 5!


  1. They are fabulous but not to be had anywhere.

  2. I bought them today at Big Lots.