Monday, February 22, 2010

Post- V Day Roundup: Peeps Stawberry Creme Marshmallow Hearts

I can't say the Strawberry Creme Marshmallow Heart Peeps are delicious, as the strawberry has this cloyingly sweet artificial taste. But they sure are cute. And I'm glad Peeps is experimenting. Another flavor of marshmallow might be delightful.

Score: 3

Post- V Day Roundup: Sweethearts Chocolate

Same deal here as with the Sweethearts Dazzled Tarts, but a little bit yummier. The chocolate is not exactly tasty, but you can easily identify its intended flavor. A nice gesture at Valentine's Day, but otherwise pointless, no? There is So Much GOOD chocolate out there, this just seems like a waste of time....

Score: 3

Post- V Day Roundup: Sweethearts Dazzled Tarts

These Sweethearts Dazzled Tarts taste pretty much the same to me as the Twilight inspired Sweethearts Forbidden Fruits that I reviewed a couple weeks back. Apparently these are different flavors but unless you're really paying close attention, it's not a noticeable difference. I respect the longevity of the conversation heart but still don't really get their appeal. It's like eating little colorful pieces of chalk. And similar to the Twilight hearts, these "sparkles" fail to glimmer as advertised. Maybe I'm missing the subtle nuances overall but these did not capture my imagination nor convert me to a fan of the traditional treat.

Score: 2

Post- Valentine's Day Roundup: Valentine Dots

Dots just keeps wowing with its holiday edition blends! I love these Valentine's Dots. The red Cherry and pink Passion Fruit drops are blended with white Vanilla layers. It works! The Cherry is the same taste as the traditional Cherry Dot and although I might have a problem identifying the flavor of the pink Dots as Passion Fruit without the label on the box, its flavor is nice and the aroma is distinctly Passion Fruity. Keep going, Dots! I can't wait to see what you unveil for Easter!

Score: 4

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Necco Sweethearts Forbidden Fruits, Limited Edition Twilight Conversation Hearts

I'm not a big fan of the relatively flavorless sweethearts, although I support Necco in all their endeavors as an ex-neighbor and fan of their sweets factory. I mean, there was a store filled with seconds at my disposal and how could that not build true brand loyalty? These limited edition Twilight tie-in Forbidden Fruit Sweethearts, though, are an improvement on the original version (around since 1866!). The flavors of forbidden love in Twilight world take the form of Tempting Apple (Red), Orange Obsession (Sparkling Orange), Secret Strawberry (Pink), and Passion Fruit (Sparkling Purple). I expected more from the sparkles which resembled chalk dust more than glitter but once in awhile the light caught a sweetheart just right and it was a bit of a thrill for my valentine's candy to glimmer and glitter. The real improvement comes in that each flavor is a bit stronger than the original mellow sweethearts, there's a bit more tartness inherent to the fruits of passion, apparently. Though still vaguely unidentifiable without color-coding the candies, these more closely approximate the flavors of fruit. The passion fruit flavor is especially appealing- worth adding as a non-limited edition regular to the Necco lineup. The little inscriptions on the hearts aptly apply to the world of Twilight, "Bite Me" being my favorite by far. Good for Necco ("fine candy since 1847"!) for cashing in on Twilight fever; I hope it's profitable and prompts them to go for future fun movie tie-ins.

Score (concept): 5
Score (taste): 3

Limited Edition Snickers Fudge

I was wary of these as I don't tend to enjoy mass-produced fudge. But these are so good! The fudge tastes fresh and blends so well with the peanut butter nougat. I think Snicker's should make these an ongoing product. I'll definitely try to stock up while possible! Thanks, Dan!

Score: 4

Hershey's Valentine Marshmallow Heart (King Size!)

The marshmallow filling is sticky and gooey with a sense of substance, and that alone makes this Hershey's Valentine Marshmallow Heart an automatic winner- unlike that pointless dry marshmallow filling that makes me wary of purchasing marshmallow-laden goodies. Seal in that marshmallow with a layer of smooth, rich Hershey's chocolate and you've got a great version of the classic combination. The King Size heart is perfect size for an after-meal sweet, too, although a twin-pack couldn't hurt. Thanks, Dan!

Score: 4

m&m's Premiums Chocolate Trio

It's rare for a candy to come along that changes your perception entirely of what constitutes chocolate heaven. m&m's Premiums Chocolate Trio accomplished this for me. I could not have previously imagined that any new recipe could improve on traditional m&m's format. The Peanut Butter m&m's strongly rival the original but as of yet none of the recent m&m's varieties have given the original a run for their money. You can look back on my hopeful, then disappointed reactions to the Strawberried Peanut Butter, Mint, and Coconut blends. Blech. This is entirely different, and even better, they're not limited edition! I guess m&m's knows when they've struck gold. So the first thing that strikes you upon opening the bag is these m&m's are covered with the most entrancing layer of shimmering purple coating- not that disappointing chalk dust shimmer from the Twilight Sweethearts review, but a truly shining unearthly exterior. It's wonderful and I have no idea how something that looks so inedible could taste so good. Each m&m is a little larger than an original, perhaps the size of a peanut m&m. There are three layers inside and without a hard shell (the shimmery coating is soft but somehow does not melt or dent..hmm, I choose not to be wary) they feel more like mini truffles melting in your mouth. You can literally taste each of the dark, milk, and white chocolate layers and they blend beautifully. I really couldn't stop eating these, to an alarming point. Usually will-power or common sense come into play at some point while devouring a bag of treats, but both flew right out the window when I attacked this bag. I've seen them in drugstores since but am resisting the urge to purchase as I think maybe I just can't handle these, they're that good. Thank you Kara, Mark, and Conor, for bringing these into my life. I blame and thank you in equal parts for discovering my candy achilles heel!

Score: A Resounding 5!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meiji Apollo Stawberry Chocolate Candy

Disclaimer: I'm just not a big fan of the combination of strawberry and chocolate unless it's a real chocolate-dipped strawberry. It always tastes cloyingly artificial and too sweet even for my taste buds. These Meiji Apollo Candies suffer the same flavor issue for me, but I think that anyone who enjoys strawberry chocolate would enjoy these. Although loose in the box and devoid of an outer shell, these mini pyramids melt super smoothly and the milk chocolate has a good taste to it. Sweet packaging, too!

Score: 3

Chick-O-Stick Bites

I can't imagine a single improvement possible upon the classic Chick-O-Stick candy. Unless it's to portion the stick into poppable individually wrapped bites! Chick-O-Stick ready on-the-go! I like it! This candy's been around since the 1930's and really deserves its long-lived popularity. I don't even notice the taste of the coconut coasting, but it adds a wonderful flakiness to the crunchy ground peanut and sugar mixture. Yum!

Score: 5

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lucky Chocolate

Read on for a great article on about how KitKat bars are believed to bring good luck to students taking exams in Japan. Interesting how these urban myths spread... I'll believe!