Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot Dogs, Fangs, and Corn: Gummy Roundup Part 1

On my way to the Chinatown Cake Club this past week, I stopped by the wonderful Candy Shop USA store on Mott Street. The small store is filled wall-to-wall with bins of bulk candy. I had a ball.

These Yupi Gummy Hot Dogs are a big disappointment. They're aesthetically unappealing, a tough consistency, and bland in taste. Blech.

Score: 1

Hot on the tail of the recent Twilight frenzy, these gummy fangs are pretty terrific addition to the vampire-saturate market. Quite small and delicate, maybe only the circumference of a quarter, they are a nice soft consistency and taste of a light effervescent strawberry flavor.

Score: 3

Spit it out! I really liked the cute shape of this little corn niblet gummy, and expected maybe a light corn syrupy flavor. But no, this candy tasted vaguely of corn and it just doesn't mix right with lots of sugar and a tough chewy consistency. This just didn't work for me at all.

Score: 1


  1. Where can you get "gummy corn"I'm trying to find a supplier

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it online. I found it at Candy Shop USA in NYC at 48 Mott St. Perhaps you can call and ask them their supplier... good luck!