Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wonka Kazoozles Chewy Candy in Pink Lemonade

Though bestowed the vague description of "chewy candy" on the packaging, these new Pink Lemonade flavored Kazoozles by Wonka are basically filled licorice. The candy comes with its own questionable motto: "The 'delickoricious' chewy candy that feeds your imagination." Fine, I suppose it fed mine, but I still don't agree with the term delickoricious. The tart lemon tubes overflow with a softer goo flavored to resemble pink lemonade. The consistency is fantastic, emitting a little burst of goo as you bite into the firmer exterior, and the flavor combination works well. Though these would never replace the classic Red Vines in my estimation (or even Twizzlers), these are an excellent light sweet treat. The candy comes in two flavors, Pink Lemonade and Cherry Punch. I must search out the Cherry Punch variety as it does appear to be (do I dare?) "delickoricious."

Score: 3

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  1. hey over my area in kansas city we have the "cherry punch" kazoozles and its red om the outside and blue on the inside!!!yum now i want one