Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Topps Blue Razz Wazoo Bar

I've previously written glowing words about the astoundingly delicious Wazoo Bar in Wild Berriez flavor. Its unapologetic synthetic makeup- disturbingly colored, unnerving consistency- makes the Wazoo all the more alluring. This Blue Razz Wazoo does instill the same thrill as its purple Berriez counterpoint but sadly the blue razz overshadows the interior flavors. The flavor mix just isn't as compelling. Despite being less appealing than the Wild Berriez version, though, this Blue Razz Wazoo still makes for a hearty funny and vaguely perverse snack. I recommend it fully and with great enthusiasm. They're just a little hard to track down. If you see them, send a bunch to me!

Score: 4

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