Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nestle Carlos V chocolate bar

Though I'm quite fond of the packaging of this snack-size Mexican chocolate bar made by Nestle, I simply don't like the chocolate. I've never liked Nestle chocolate as much as other big brands like Hershey's or the sublime Cadbury. This Carlos V chocolate, though, is not your typical Nestle chocolate. It's less milky and more waxy. There's no way it would ever melt in one's mouth, and isn't that really the appeal of chocolate? The whole body-heat meltation thing? The flavor is mellower, again missing that milky undertone. Wouldn't revisit but glad to have tried it! Thanks for tracking this down, Tara!

Score: 2


  1. FUck you it is delicious.

  2. i have it and i like it is expensive but it does melt only slower thjan hersheys