Monday, December 14, 2009

Eti Pufs

photo courtesy of ragingyoghurt

In her ongoing quest to discover the most startling and esoteric sweet treats offered in the United Kingdom, Tara sent me a handful of these Turkish Eti Puf marshmallow biscuits with sprinkles. I love the packaging and the cheerful multi-colored sprinkles. The marshmallow, however, is rather dry and flavorless, as are the biscuits, as are the sprinkles. (And although each package sports a different color of sprinkles, I could not differentiate between flavors.) Altogether, these one-per-pack cookies would taste good paired with coffee or tea (or chocolate milk...or a milkshake...) but unless cohered with a liquid, they disintegrate into a pile of multi-colored crumbs upon first bite. Anything involved with marshmallow should never result in catching crumbs, this is the glory of sugary marshmallow goo. These weren't quite delicious enough to merit the mess.

Score: 2

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