Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gummy Bugs

I've previously written about my curiosity and admiration for the anonymous person responsible for ordering candy to stock at my local Blockbuster. They've got a bewilderingly esoteric selection. Sadly, the Blockbuster is going out of business. Knowing this was my last chance to stock up, not to mention that everything in the store (even the fixtures!) are 60% off, I went a little wild. These Gummy Bugs by Flix Candy were the first selection I grabbed off the shelf. Like the glowing Lightning Bugs and Grillz lollipop, these border on repulsive and yet enticing in a twisted way. They're almost too realistically buggy, especially the yellow centipede. However, the consistency of gummy was perfect and the fruit flavors were tangy and pleasingly distinctive. Once I got into biting off the heads, I really enjoyed the product. Kudos to Blockbuster! I'll miss you!

Score (flavor): 3

Score (concept): 4

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