Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bubblicious Ink'd Sour Frantic Fruit

The major seeling point of Bubblicious Ink'd is that it dyes your tongue. I find that pretty appealing although perhaps not appropriate for the office or formal events. There's a time and a place. that said, I enjoyed have a blue tongue for a few hours and kept checking out the results in the mirror to see how long it would last. The gum's got that same soft Bubblicious consistency of the rest of the brand's line, but this version is filled with an additional blue liquid center. I can't really describe the flavor of Sour Frantic Fruit. If a flavor doesn't even identify where on the fruit spectrum it lies, you've gotta be wary. This tasted like a close approximation to tangy artificial blue raspberry which doesn't exist in nature and so seems appropriate for the product. I enjoyed it but it certainly won't replace my everyday chewing gum.

Score: 3

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