Sunday, October 4, 2009

Limited Edition Coconut M&M's

Both Molly and Dan discovered and passed along these new limited edition coconut m&m's in the same week so it was lucky that this variety was a success since I had 4 bags to consume! A special touch to this particular assortment of white, brown and green m&m's are palm trees and exotic flowers imprinted on a few candies sprinkled through each bag. The coconut candies also taught me a valuable lesson- not all m&m varieties should be consumed in the same manner. I'm a creature of habit and there is nothing more blissful than popping a number of traditional m&m's in my mouth at once and then letting them melt away. It's all about the melted chocolate and then chewing on the shell as a satisfying afterthought. I tried this method with the coconut variety and was instantly put-off. Instead of shreds of coconut floating in the chocolate or a coconut layer added into the shell, the chocolate is simply infused with coconut flavor. If you let it melt, the coconut-chocolate burst tastes far too artificial. I soldiered on, however, and discovered that if you immediately chew the m&m's the crunch of the candy casing balances out the artificial coconut flavor, tricking your tongue into believing there are flakes of coconut in each bite. Armed with this new approach, these are delicious and don't instantly bring the thought of sunscreen to mind. I still prefer the original, but would definitely buy these again.

Score: 4

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