Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ghost Dots

I tried Ghost Dots in an enthusiastic followup to the delightful Candy Corn Dots. The gummy bonbons follow the traditional variety of mellow fruit flavors of the original Dots candy. This edition of Dots comes, though, in one sole color- a "ghosty" translucent green slime color that indicates at the potential (but failure) to glow in the dark. The basic problem is I like to know what flavor I'm putting in my mouth. Obviously I enjoy the synthetic nature of candy and am aware that each Dot hosts an entirely synthetic mix of chemical that equals cherry or orange or lemon on my tongue, but it throws me off to have each candy look identical yet laden with a flavor surprise. Feh. Same great Dots taste and consistency, cool color, but the concept doesn't work for me.

Score: 3 (Despite complaints, I ate the whole box in one go)

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