Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chocolate Skittles

Michael Swaim over at cracked.com wrote a far more adept review of these disastrous Chocolate Mix Skittles than I ever will. He captures their essence perfectly.
Chocolate Skittles: Like Being Mouth Raped by Candy

Score: 2

Candy Responsible For Recovering Masterpiece

I know this is old news, but I missed it the first time around and place it squarely in the "truth is stranger than fiction" category (oh, and the "candy fixes everything" category, too). Two years ago M&Ms launched their permanent line of dark chocolate candies with Munch's 'The Scream' utilized as the art used to market the new product. The original Scream was stolen back in 2004 from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, and so M&M's offered 2 million dark M&M's as reward for return of the painting. Amazingly, the painting was returned a few days later and yet the M&M reward remains unclaimed. For more on this seamy story of art and candy and thievery and all of the elements that make a great mystery, check out this CNN article from a few years back.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ghost Dots

I tried Ghost Dots in an enthusiastic followup to the delightful Candy Corn Dots. The gummy bonbons follow the traditional variety of mellow fruit flavors of the original Dots candy. This edition of Dots comes, though, in one sole color- a "ghosty" translucent green slime color that indicates at the potential (but failure) to glow in the dark. The basic problem is I like to know what flavor I'm putting in my mouth. Obviously I enjoy the synthetic nature of candy and am aware that each Dot hosts an entirely synthetic mix of chemical that equals cherry or orange or lemon on my tongue, but it throws me off to have each candy look identical yet laden with a flavor surprise. Feh. Same great Dots taste and consistency, cool color, but the concept doesn't work for me.

Score: 3 (Despite complaints, I ate the whole box in one go)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Candy Corn Dots

With the caveat that I absolutely love candy corn and the entire Halloween candy season, these limited edition Candy Corn-flavored Dots are so delicious! The flavor is surprisingly spot-on! They're a mellower version of the traditional candy's both flavor and consistency, and I still prefer candy corn (especially the pumpkins!), but these new Dots are incredibly addictive!

Score: 4

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Limited Edition Coconut M&M's

Both Molly and Dan discovered and passed along these new limited edition coconut m&m's in the same week so it was lucky that this variety was a success since I had 4 bags to consume! A special touch to this particular assortment of white, brown and green m&m's are palm trees and exotic flowers imprinted on a few candies sprinkled through each bag. The coconut candies also taught me a valuable lesson- not all m&m varieties should be consumed in the same manner. I'm a creature of habit and there is nothing more blissful than popping a number of traditional m&m's in my mouth at once and then letting them melt away. It's all about the melted chocolate and then chewing on the shell as a satisfying afterthought. I tried this method with the coconut variety and was instantly put-off. Instead of shreds of coconut floating in the chocolate or a coconut layer added into the shell, the chocolate is simply infused with coconut flavor. If you let it melt, the coconut-chocolate burst tastes far too artificial. I soldiered on, however, and discovered that if you immediately chew the m&m's the crunch of the candy casing balances out the artificial coconut flavor, tricking your tongue into believing there are flakes of coconut in each bite. Armed with this new approach, these are delicious and don't instantly bring the thought of sunscreen to mind. I still prefer the original, but would definitely buy these again.

Score: 4

Double Bubble Donuts

A moment of candy brilliance discovered at a grocery store in Portland, Oregon, and kindly sent in by Matt. I wish I could have tasted these. Was the pink frosting bubble gum flavored? Is the gum meant to freshen the breath and cleanse the palate after consuming the donut? Either way, i like it.