Sunday, August 23, 2009

McCowans Wham Cola Tongue Tingling Chew Bar

Thanks to Tara, I have discovered the confusingly repulsive yet enticing chewy mixture of the Wham Super Fizz Cola Chew Bar. I can't say it's delicious. It's got the flavor of those gummy candies that are "soda" flavored but simply taste oddly fruity, no soda I recognize in there anywhere. While your mouth is busy figuring out how to identify the odd flavor through the intensely chewy substance (don't make the same mistake i did and shove half in your mouth at once), your tongue suddenly encounters pop rocks (or flavored sugar crystals), and suddenly the whole experience becomes far more exciting, like a treasure hunt! Plus, at least there's the continuity of the "soda" flavor with the fizz of the pop rocks- the flavor suddenly makes more sense. I was far happier with the second half of the chew bar.

Score: 3

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