Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jelibon Puffy Gummy Candies

The strawberry-flavored sugar coating these lime-flavored heart-shaped gummy candies makes them a delightful treat. And the consistency of the gummy is so light it nears a marshmallow-like consistency. Dreamy. The combination of textures- crunchy and chewy- and of flavors- lime and strawberry- exhibits a thoughtful and delicious concoction. Thanks again to Tara! Next time in England I'm stocking up on these!

Score: 4

McCowans Wham Cola Tongue Tingling Chew Bar

Thanks to Tara, I have discovered the confusingly repulsive yet enticing chewy mixture of the Wham Super Fizz Cola Chew Bar. I can't say it's delicious. It's got the flavor of those gummy candies that are "soda" flavored but simply taste oddly fruity, no soda I recognize in there anywhere. While your mouth is busy figuring out how to identify the odd flavor through the intensely chewy substance (don't make the same mistake i did and shove half in your mouth at once), your tongue suddenly encounters pop rocks (or flavored sugar crystals), and suddenly the whole experience becomes far more exciting, like a treasure hunt! Plus, at least there's the continuity of the "soda" flavor with the fizz of the pop rocks- the flavor suddenly makes more sense. I was far happier with the second half of the chew bar.

Score: 3

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grillz Candy Lollipop

Wow. I just don't know how to react to these Grillz lollipops. Apparently this item, produced by Candy Planet, won the (prestigious?) Merit Award for Novelty Candy of the Year by Professional Candy Buyers Magazine. They also apparently come in four flavors in both gold and platinum. I only found the green apple flavor lollipop with platinum veneers, and the lollipop was nothing to smile about- despite the smile actually embossed on the heart-shaped pop, itself. I found these (along with the almost equally disturbing Lightning Bugs glowing gummy candies) at my local Blockbuster and am suddenly intensely curious about the person who purchases and stocks their candy- he or she must search high and low for this insane selection. I'm going back to see what they find next.

Score (flavor): 1
Score (concept): wow

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mieszko Coffee and Cream Truffle

These Coffee & Cream bonbons produced by the Polish candy company, Mieszko, are divine truffles. A soft layer of dark chocolate enrobes a milk chocolate shell encasing a rich layer of sweet coffee cream topped with a layer of dense milky vanilla. It's good they're sold individually because they are so incredibly rich and dense, but they are a delightful sweet bite. The coffee flavor is more subtle than one might expect; the dark chocolate and creamy vanilla dominate. Thanks for finding this, Christa!

Score: 4

Annie B's Homemade Caramels

I have a biased view of Annie B's Caramels because I bought these in a casino in AC fresh from a win on the nickel slots on the tail end of a fantastic Fourth of July. Already prone to like any fresh-made caramel product, I was just bound to love these. So I did. It's really soft, far more delicate than mass-produced caramel.

Score: 5