Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deep Mountain Maple Candy

I've discussed my ongoing obsession with anything maple in past posts. For a time, at the end of writing my dissertation, I would spend sleepless evenings on the internet ordering maple treats from independent farms all over Vermont or Canada. Luckily, I've curtailed this expensive habit. Yesterday, though, I stumbled across the Deep Mountain Maple Syrup stand at the Union Square Green Market. This stuff is sublime. They don't even play with making the candy into whimsical shapes- these are lumps of the finest maple sugar candy I've encountered. There are a number of flavors but I stayed purist with the plain maple and a little taste of pecan maple (same candy, infused with little bits of candied pecan nuts. nice stuff). I only regret that I didn't purchase more. However, they're in the Union Square market every Saturday so I've only got to wait a week for my next fix!

Score: 5

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