Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beemans Chewing Gum

I already waxed rhapsodic about Clark's Teaberry Gum, and Beemans runs along the same lines of a classic gum whose days are numbered. Only produced every 3 years, right now is the gum is fresh and available and you should get it, along with Black Jack and Clove varieties, while you can. Like the Brooklyn Gum I recently tasted, Beemans' wintergreen flavor starts off subtley and the gum stays soft for a long time. It's a pleasure to chew and I think it should be produced and distributed year-round. The Victory Old Time Candy Store is currently selling the packs individually or in bulk and also offers a great history of the chewing gum. The Old Time Candy Company also offers the gum for sale and hosts a touching inventory of memories related to Beeman's gum written in by die-hard fans. Thanks, Molly!

Score: 4

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