Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skittles Crazy Cores

Skittles Crazy Cores flavor combinations run the gamut from delicious to nastiness.
Blue = Blue Raspberry Lemon
Orange = Mango Peach
Green = Strawberry Watermelon
Red = Cherry Lemonade
Pink = Melon Berry
Those are the flavors according to the index on the back of the package. Instead, I'd break it down more like this: Red and Blue and Red and Blue Punch flavors, respectively. They're the best, gone in a flash. All I could taste in the Green and Pink was Watermelon, though I had been hoping that the Berry and Stawberry in the combinations would soften the blow of the synthetic Watermelon disgustingness. It's just my bias, I hate watermelon flavored anything except real watermelon, so I couldn't taste those two varieties subjectively. Blech. The Orange colored Mango Peach skittles were surprisingly good, an even and mellow blend of Mango and Peach. Unfortunately, that flavor numbered the fewest in the pack. In the end, I'd eat the Crazy Cores again but they still don't compete with Original. Thanks for hunting these down, Dan!

Score: 1 (Pink, Green), 3 (Orange), 4 (Blue, Red)

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