Saturday, May 2, 2009

Necco Wafers Smoothies

These new Necco Wafers Smoothies are pretty hit or miss. What would you expect from a company willing to experiment with Clove flavor in its original roll? They're daring. I loved the Blueberry and Tropical wafers. More imbued with flavor than the classics, there was no mistaking the Pina Colada mixture in the Tropical blend or the tang of Blueberry in the grayish blue wafer. I had to spit out the Banana Caramel, but I have a predisposition to loathe synthetic Banana flavoring except for special exceptions (example: Banana Creme Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). Peach was unrecognizable and vaguely spicy and the Strawberry Creme was cloyingly sweet. Blech. Like the classic roll, I ended up picking through and throwing out half the wafers (Licorice, nasty). The good flavors were worth the waste, though.

Score: 1-3 Various Flavors

Note: I usually manage to take my own photos for this blog. It's a point of pride. However, I ate these Necco Wafers too fast to get them in front of a camera. Thanks to Neo-Neocon for the image.


  1. There really IS something new under the sun!!!

  2. i'm sorry but Necco Smoothies are heinous.