Saturday, May 16, 2009

Starburst Sour & Sweet Chews

Something that makes original Starburst Chews so sublime is that every single flavor is good. As someone who tends to pick through candy mixes, discarding some and favoring others, it's a real treat to head into a pack of Starburst and just pop them into my mouth without worrying about the "licorice jelly bean" effect. This new pack of Starburst Sour Sweet Chews suffered that curse. I just didn't enjoy the Sour variety- Sour Watermelon and Green Apple- and the Sweet flavors- Sweet Strawberry and Blue Raspberry- were just ok. The Sour flavors lost that milky mellow undertone that makes Starbursts traditionally delicious. The Sweet had that yummy undertone but just didn't sparkle like the original flavors. What can I say? Starburst has spoiled us. But I am happy that they continue to experiment with flavors! Some are gonna be hits!

Score 2-3 Various Flavors

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