Friday, May 29, 2009

Walkers Chili & Chocolate Potato Crisps

My friend Tara sent a box of treats from England containing roughly 2 billion intoxicating varieties of Walkers Potato Crisps, including daunting Cajun Squirrel, tempting Duck & Hoisin, and addictive Smoky Bacon flavors. There's been some fantastic snacking going on. These Chili & Chocolate chips are a close approximation to a traditional Mexican Mole sauce. I've eaten my share in the Oaxaca region where the Mole is apparently at its best and have never taken to it. It's me, not the sauce, as the finest palates have claimed to relish the taste of Mole. It's hard to describe if you've never tried it- the chili and chocolate are the strongest elements but there's also this soily undertone to the whole thing. The seasoning on these crisps matches that unique flavor perfectly.

Score: 2

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