Friday, May 15, 2009

Barratt Sherbet Fountain

Isn't that a disturbing photo? I found it to be less than mouthwatering to eat something that looked so illicit, like a night of debauchery. Here's the thing. It's supposed to be a licorice whip that you dip in powdered sugar-or maybe powdered milk-that has somehow been infused with effervescence and a super chemically creamsicle flavor. It's startling. And actually fizzy. Like a Lik M' Stik that's been ground into a fine powder after being left in one's bag for a few weeks (yeah I'm speaking from experience). The licorice was delicious and old-fashioned and I ate that right up. I couldn't get more than a few dips into the orange powder though.

Score: 2


  1. That is absolutely hysterical! Do NOT eat that under any circumstances. This is your mother talking.

  2. One of most favorite candies I have ever had !!! Brings back memories of when it was just 10 cents at the corner store.

  3. I love sherbet fountains

  4. it's supposed to be fizzy: it's sherbet. I'm guessing americans don't have the word sherbet in their vocabulary then. how odd.
    Orange powder? I've only ever had white sherbet fountains, as pictured. Think before you type.
    Sherbet Fountains should score 5.
    You appear to be extremely limited in you taste of 'candy'
    But I seem to have gathered that American food tends to be fairly bland as you food companies seem to have culture of only creating very similair tasting food that can easily be but into catagories.

  5. I used to wish I could conjure up a whole carton of these treats I loved them so much!!!