Saturday, May 2, 2009

Macaroons, Kee's Chocolates, New York

kee's chocolates

I really enjoy the chocolates and macaroons created by Ki Ling Tong of Kee's Chocolates. I used to live around the corner from her unassuming sweet shop and had the luxury of stopping in to taste-test one piece at a time. Her macaroons are exceedingly airy in texture and come in an astounding variety of enticing flavors such as Lavender, Passion Fruit, or Green Tea with Jasmine. I'm not a huge fan of the layer of chocolate that adheres the two halves but others I know swear by it. Because of the fine ingredients, the cookies are not inexpensive, and so it's taken me quite a while to work my way through the menu. However, Tong recently started making bite-sized version of the original cookies and selling bags of 6 so that customers can sample more of the delicate rainbow of flavors.

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