Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twix Triple Chocolate Limited Edition

This Twix Triple Chocolate was a bit of a disappointment. Though abounding with chocolate in three consistencies- chocolate cookie, chocolate caramel, chocolate coating- none of the three flavors really satisfied a true chocolate craving. These were wimpy chocolate flavors. The cookie only packed a little cocoa punch and lost the buttery notes of the original. The caramel was pretty good but again seemed to flirt with chocolate flavor and then recede to its caramel safety zone. The original chocolate coating- the only element of the bar that remains true to the original Twix- is rich and delicious as always, but gets lost mixed in with the subpar cookie and caramel. I'd choose the traditional Twix (or old school Peanut Butter Twix- the new peanut butter consistency is simply not the same) over this variety every time.

Score: 3

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