Friday, April 3, 2009

Ronie-Sue Chocolates Pig Candy aka Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Adam made it his admirable mission to locate Ronie-Sue Chocolates and its celebrated Pig Candy, a decadent milk or dark chocolate-covered bacon. After multiple attempts- store closed and the like- he arrived home with a bag full of the stuff. My initial enthusiasm did not match his. Bacon is sublime and so is chocolate, but together? The first bite was exactly as expected. Delicious ingredients that I wished I could experience one at a time instead of in combination. It was a little like a chocolate covered pretzel with a greesy bacon tinge. About 10 minutes after trying the treats and dismissing them I was back. And it was better. I started noticing the perfect consistency of the bacon- crisp but not dry or brittle- and the way that the chocolate coating was tinged through and through with this wonderful smoky flavor. Within a couple days the chocolate-covered bacon was finished and I found myself back at Ronie-Sue's (we're talking maybe three days later at most) purchasing more of the addictive treat. And I'm going back again.

Score: 3

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