Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aji Ichiban Variety

I wandered into an Aji Ichiban store in Chinatown this morning and stocked up on some treats.

I have no idea who made this candy or really what it consists of. It's a beautiful little jewel of a something. The store clerk described it as a fig jelly, and there were tiny seeds in the red blob, but that's where resemblance to fig ended in my mind. The clear exterior blob consists of neutral rice candy, pleasing to chew on but without any real flavor. It's like chewing on sugar water. The figgy fruity center only diverged from the rest of the candy in consistency, adding some fibery mass to the combination. I loved the looks but would definitely not go for this one again.

Score : 2


  1. This is your mother speaking. Do NOT eat any more of this stuff!!!