Sunday, March 22, 2009

Waxing Rhapsodic on Primehouse Steak Jellies and Donuts

This amazing Blood Orange jelly candy is unfortunately site specific to Primehouse New York, but it's worth a visit just to taste this unique after-dinner mint substitute. It instantly melts in your mouth into a tart rich blood orange juice combined with the exterior grains of sugar. The taste lingers so pleasantly. These little jelly squares are amazing. I want one after every meal. And before, and maybe as a snack.

And although these aren't actually candy, I feel compelled to cheer about these magnificent donut holes on the dessert menu. They come with three bottles of butterscotch, lemon, and chocolate syrups that you insert directly into the donuts and fill yourself. The combination of the syrup (hail hail butterscotch!) with the warm sugar-encrusted donut is perfection. I already find myself daydreaming of them. Thanks Howie & Audrey!


  1. Too bad you're busy this week end. Otherwise, I'd be on a plane to that Steakhouse with you. SKIP DINNER!!!!

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